New Democracy

The birds are in their cages. The watchers went out the graze. The little hoodlums came charging in. And had the place ablaze.  


Countries that dine free

  “One of you forgot to spin the top.” “What?” “You always all have to spin the top!” “Then we are not getting it for free?” “No. This is a honourable establishment, sir. A world class restaurant mind you. If we put out an offer, then we are bound to fulfil it. But, only if …

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Lets Destroy Adverts

It is happening, it’s been happening for a long time. But it’s getting far worse now, much more than we ever wanted. What is it, well it is advertisements! They are just everywhere, on the streets, on the roads, on our clothes, on our phones and worst of all, on the television. Heck, you can’t …

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