Office Stress in Photographs


Lost Inspiration

I have forgotten the love I once had. The love that we all shared. The silly jokes that turned the days. The little joys that coloured our ways. You could look across the oceans. I ventured across the plains. And found that our love was special. A gift, Our love was real. Stories, moments, tales and lessons. They …

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Are the pages wasted?

Can a writer touch the world, without being known. Can words from a fallen hand, still reach millions. Can the records of a diligent scribbler, rekindle the dreams of many. Can we leave something behind, That will outlive our years. Are the pages wasted? Are the words lost? Even the most inspired, that convict us …

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What do you create?

I wonder. When an artist paints a person, Are they real or one they have seen before. Are they creators or mimics. Bringing a new face, a new form into the world, Or taking from what already exists. What of writers. Are all their characters real. Or are they representations of what is real, And if we do …

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Then the shadow turned bloody, And sprayed its guts around me.   Devour! Devour! The dragon shouts. Surround! Surround her!   My pigeon eyes stared at a stranger, Turned from rubble to fight the murder.   Conquer! Conquer! He persuades the fallen. Defend! Defend her!   The destined hour is passing. The rescued city's cries …

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