It’s raining

I have a tremendously bad habit of going into an area and taking pictures solely of the trees. I can't help it. While others are taking selfies, the artefacts or the scenery, I dedicate a good solid hour first to the trees and then to anything else that catches my eye. And this is the …

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Re-telling of the ARK STORY

Yes, we are back here again. There are 'lunatics' on one side telling everyone that the world is coming to an end. And there are the 'sensible' sort on the other who don't even want to hear this endless rant. Its basically the Ark story all over again only that this time, its the last …

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Chess with cats

WIT&DUN is filming for simplicity. No deadlines, no hoped for awards and no scripts (on occasion). We hope only for the simple, the pure, the innocent and the beauty of nature. No wonder that cats became our topic and our focus. Please enjoy a rather unnecessary game of chess with cats.

Robben Island

The one place you have to visit when in South Africa is the Robben Island near Cape Town. Majority of the history of that mighty nation occurred in this small prison state. When I went there, I was just as fascinated and shocked as any visitor ever was. To imagine the horrible living conditions subjected …

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The truly Eternal

Have you ever wondered what can last forever. Can the sky, the wind, the sea or men? I have constantly wondered what is truly capable of an eternal existence but there was no easy answer. I looked at nature and had hope that through the process of birth, many species can last forever. But this …

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