This is my best little film because I focus solely on my first love, Nature. I take you through a mother hen feeding its little ones, a bird singing in the trees and the reflection of a brilliant tree. Absolutely beautiful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYFJCEu3_Tk


Midnight Airplane

Let me first of all be very honest. I am that person in the plane that cannot take their eyes off the window. I have never settled back comfortably into my seat and I have never relaxed in a plane. I usually have my phone pressed on the window and my face likewise hoping to …

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Chess with cats

WIT&DUN is filming for simplicity. No deadlines, no hoped for awards and no scripts (on occasion). We hope only for the simple, the pure, the innocent and the beauty of nature. No wonder that cats became our topic and our focus. Please enjoy a rather unnecessary game of chess with cats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE7yGecoJbM


SCREENPLAY BY (All Rights Reserved) Police men walk up and down the corridors of a precinct. We follow the criss-crossing movements. INT. FBI OFFICE SKATER AND THOMAS – DAY SKATER is standing outside the detectives’ office waiting to be ushered in. He is a muscular police officer, fully dressed, and looking too much like his …


Excessive Group Work

"This is our first group meeting so we need to get everything in order from this moment on!" A "I agree, so what do we need!" B "Its obvious the amount of work will be excessive. We need everything useful." C "Okay, You should be the secretary." A "Me?" D "Yes!" A "I think that …

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About the Script We are seated in with an Executive meeting about to make a decision on what to do with the wealth of a deceased childless billionaire. It’s meant to be charitable but it becomes more than that. The whole meeting is turned into a pity party moment and then a big surprise at …

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