Wide Eyed

There are days when nothing moves me. Do I remain seen? Or am I simply forgotten in the moment, Of someone else’s revelry.

Man’s True Form

There is a rush of making, Wild unsettling, Like of roaming. Chance of choking. Hell in hoping. Someone breaking. And the sorrow of knowing, Man’s true form.


How I danced through the mist. Elbow high and thickening. My feet barely touched the ground. When I danced through the mist. The world was gleaming after this. Not dark, cold or raining in. Alive, bright and wildly seen. Against the troubles of rising mist. I found me feet and flew right in. A warrior burnt into…

A Stretching Madness

The Stretching Madness is writing my story. Hollow my pages appear to it. My conquest in life to be more holy. A chapter on mockery it makes a hit. Yet I have only become more lonely. Madness stretches my mind too thin. And to the world such minds seem mighty. Tearing apart the heart within. Nobody wants…


My heart has no feet, My feet have no heart. But I am still going. I am still breathing. Me, the person, separated, From me, the being.  

Lost Inspiration

I have forgotten the love I once had. The love that we all shared. The silly jokes that turned the days. The little joys that coloured our ways. You could look across the oceans. I ventured across the plains. And found that our love was special. A gift, Our love was real. Stories, moments, tales and lessons. They…


A magnitude is swallowed. It revolts and runs. Never to be caught by choice. Never to be captured by thought. But running, ever downward. Through gut and all.

The Silence

In crowded rooms I am most uneasy. All the sights and sounds make me shiver. I am scared of the space that brings you near. I think on the gloom of our next encounter. The silence. Will it ever speak? Cover Art by: ANJA BÜHREH  

Fourth Wall Broken

I am in trouble. My heart is racing fast. There is no hope I carry. Not with me. Not while the world turns on me. I am lost. Broken. A rusted cog of a machine that is changing. It discards me then moves on. To new places? I wonder. All the same. I am broken apart….

World Love

Make me love, So in my love of it, I will hold, And in the holding of it, The world will seat neatly, In the corner of my heart. As it stands so tall, On the earth crackling under the weight.

Moody Writer

Sometimes the mood just isn’t right. So I can’t write. And the weather is all clammy, My hands stop working. Or I am far too away to see the day, I stopped to stare at you. And I need to. For then I have nothing but the splattered ink dripping from these woeful pages. I…

Love of Self

We are all just learning, The rhythm of keeping, Love in the mirror, With a public streaker, Who has the plan of, Filling air in menthol, So they can shroud, A basic doubt, Of what it means for lovers, To love the heart that serves, Self before Eager.