Christ our Saviour

We have tasted all flesh. We have captured all virgins. We have fallen as far as Lucifer. We are now enemy, adversary, satan. But yet he calls us, The flower of love. The hope of promise.


From the City Mouse, Faithfully

Dear Country Mouse,   What is the life of the city if not the gloom? The fogged-in atmosphere where no one is remembered. I have walked this path many times. And I have come across you, but none is remembered.   Where is the blood of the city if not the gloom? Our overseers promise …

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Hearts & Violins

The violin strings on my heart, Lifting, stripping, and breaking apart. I feel it with my breathing in. I feel it with my breathing out. The echoing melody is a sorrow. Its distant wail turns sun to snow. And I have known it. I have heard it before not long ago, When I searched my …

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