I've shared, I've done, I've lived, I've loved. I've had all my pictures left for all to see. And yet, I keep a little just for me.


Help us fast

My Father and LORD. Help us fast. That the glory may be yours. That the praise may be yours forever more. When we, your children, Have the strength to dwell with you.   Based on one of the most powerful statements ever uttered by Jesus. And it is a statement that many in today's Christian …

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Who are the people?

The people are sheep. The people are cattle. Herd them here, Herd them there, They never speak. They cried out, "Caesar Caesar!"   We are the people. We are the government. We say what goes, And it goes. We are the pharaohs. We are the emperors. And we will hold this world in confusion and …

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From the City Mouse, Faithfully

Dear Country Mouse,   What is the life of the city if not the gloom? The fogged-in atmosphere where no one is remembered. I have walked this path many times. And I have come across you, but none is remembered.   Where is the blood of the city if not the gloom? Our overseers promise …

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