Travelling through South Africa

The world is beautiful, all of it, everywhere. I believe it. Even of the worst places in the world, there is great beauty. But there are places that exercise their beauty, they shine and no matter where you are you can’t get over how beautiful it is. South Africa has such a beauty. In Cape…


The walls of these palaces are absolutely beautiful.  And my taking these pictures pretty much makes me the biggest nerd in the world.

Blue Umbrella

Blue Umbrella, Look at you, Making sure, The sun shines through.

Blue Bicycle

Pretty blue, Ordinary you, On to rule. My Blue Bicycle.

Art Piece (4)

There is a large museum in Shanghai that I can drool over. Literally. It is just four floors of endless cultural artefacts and art forms. Not sure if this is entirely legal, but…walaaaa

Art Piece (1)

I am very selective about what I deem as art. But the again, I really am not. I want to see art in everything! Now although I won’t take pictures of cars, or clothes or ducks, I enjoy all forms of art.

Mathematical Trees

I am a bit silly, I know. That is why I am calling these the mathematical trees. And just look at them. Hopefully am not the only one who sees how intense they are. You almost want to count all the edges. Measure every angle. How they bind themselves to the tree. How many per…

The Most Beautiful Tree

I have found it! Yes!!! The most beautiful tree was located in Beijing at a strange corner I would have all but missed. I was in a rickshaw, going slowly through a traditional community. I turned my head, while we seemed to whizz by, and saw the pretty pink in a near perfect setting. It…

Hawk’s Silhouette

It’s good to proudly stand before yourself. Its good to speak on sensible things. Think of heights that one can reach. And in the presence of others. Its good to share the same.