I will only do this once.

Yes, these are selfies. And as I later realised, I am not very good at taking them. BUT...unlike many others I am standing before great sites and sights all over China! This is simply a bout of good fun so, enjoy!  


I’m in foggy Shanghai!

Perfect time of the year, perfect place to visit and...its foggy. It also remains foggy for the rest of the trip. But, we don't mind. We search hard for any jackets despite our bright outlook. We bring umbrellas and we stand in the rain for hours. Looking at any city can be marvellous, but Shanghai …

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Robben Island

The one place you have to visit when in South Africa is the Robben Island near Cape Town. Majority of the history of that mighty nation occurred in this small prison state. When I went there, I was just as fascinated and shocked as any visitor ever was. To imagine the horrible living conditions subjected …

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