I've shared, I've done, I've lived, I've loved. I've had all my pictures left for all to see. And yet, I keep a little just for me.


‘In good company’ GREAT WALL WEEK

The wall, when we visited, was filled with people going up, coming down, sitting, taking selfies and, for the better part, acting athletic. We all told ourselves, 'We are in good company!'

‘Way over there!’ GREAT WALL WEEK

Almost there and yet so far away. This is the experience of many who faced the spirals of the Great Wall. You can see your destination but it will take another hour, lots of sweating, shouting, sitting down on anything, throwing away all weights even water, and wondering within yourself why you are not back …

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‘Bendy, Turning, Straight’ GREAT WALL WEEK

There were many many turns going up to the very top. Once in a while you were left all alone because those ahead and others behind were struggling to catch their breath. You were also. And every time you dared look up and saw another bend, you shivered and took that daunting step further away …

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I’m in foggy Shanghai!

Perfect time of the year, perfect place to visit and...its foggy. It also remains foggy for the rest of the trip. But, we don't mind. We search hard for any jackets despite our bright outlook. We bring umbrellas and we stand in the rain for hours. Looking at any city can be marvellous, but Shanghai …

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