Who am I? I think you’re asking the wrong question. It may fall along the lines of, What am I. This is the one question that I love the most, which I honestly believe we should all get to answer. I have no easy way of answering mine either; only that I started falling in love with the hardest thing in the world because I was in the hardest place to be. Yeah, I fell in love with poetry in a place of less beauty and less freedom. … I guess, I’ll just go ahead and say it. I once suffered with severe social anxiety. I used to run from class and spend hours in the most isolated place I could find, looking out the window frightened that someone would join me. But now that I’m stretching and breathing and laughing, I feel confident to share it and hope it helps someone else.

So, as you probably imagined now, this blog was my private paradise where I could rant and swoon and be silly all at the same time. I must confess though that I’m not the greatest poet, but I try. Man do I try! Because poetry helped me open up to the world. Not in the way you might think, lots of friends, parties every week or first one on the guest list. No. It just made me more daring to go out there, to take a photo, to be in a new place so I could expose myself to great new thoughts and ideas. Poetry brought me photography, books, and so much more because I was willing to share it.

God found me along the way too. It is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and the one thing I most love to talk about. There is a God in heaven that is true and sure and calls me among His own.

All these things make my blog a place for strange poetry, photography, stories, bizarre articles, lots of bible study and me; the smiling girl on the other end.

I hope you love it.LOGO


Here is a look back at my most cherished moments.



Bright Beautiful Sky, Photography.



Letters To The Churches, Bible Study.

Writtrace in the crowds, Beijing 4

And Hey, if you would love to get more in-depth exposure to my poetry and my stories then definitely get my books. I’ve written three books. Two are poetry books with new poems, some of my most cherished and the moments I have felt most desperate. One is a story about a great adventure. Here are the links.

travellers cover
My very first adventure novel at Amazon, THE TRAVELLERS.


My poems cover
From youth to life. My story. At Amazon, My Life In Poems.

To this day I still think this is the prettiest picture I ever took. All my pictures are therefore on Photography, the rest are from online sources and things that captured my eye.

White Flower

Thanks a million. Comment, like and share and Cheers.




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