The Room: REVIEW

I treated The Room like a horror. The music was frightening, the dialogue was insane and the pacing was dizzying. It all played with my sanity and frankly, I think it won. At the thirty minute mark I started wondering what on earth I was watching. Every movie must have a reasoning behind it, but I had no idea where this one was taking me. What made it even more shocking was knowing that Tommy Wiseau was in the background of every shot, setting it all up.

I kept waiting for the punchline, the joke, the reveal that the actors were all aliens. Literally anything. But it went on the way it started, oblivious of other people watching.


No wonder its a cult classics. Its absolutely crazy from beginning to end. I laughed so hard that I kept pausing it just to laugh. And when I hit play again I shivered realising I would never understand what was going on. The repeated dialogue made me zone off but thankfully there was a lot of horrible overacting to draw me back in. If anyone wanted to put together a really bad film with planning and accuracy, they still couldn’t make The Room. It goes down as the worst film ever made and made so authentically.

All I can say is, if you haven’t watched this film. Watch it. Its a delight.



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