Game Of Thrones, S7E2: REVIEW


Games of thones is taking a slight step backwards. And ofcourse I can’t say that with absolute certainty until we get to episode 6. But I am disappointed enough to write my first review on it ever. The show is on its seventh season and my review is all about its latest second episode, STORMBORN.

I am a fan. Its safer to start there.

The whole story is very captivating because you get the sense that these lives can actually be lived as they are shown and written. The characters can actually exist and the whole fantasy realm can actually be real. And if I was there I’d probably hide myself somewhere in Dorne. Its all quite magnificent.


But with this new episode, it has lost a bit of that. Without spoiling to much of it for you, all I can say is that it feels like the writers are trying to surpass themselves. They have shocked us before and now they are just desperate to shock us again. The only problem is that its not so shocking when it happens all the time. I am half afraid someone will send a bird and it will spontaneously combust in mid-flight without delivering that crucial information. And the dialogue will keep dipping with every interaction.


When a story focuses so much on shock value, it loses the story. Actions and motivations of the characters became pointless. Even their true nature is simply avoided in the effort of giving us that new scare. Some characters that are much clever became silly and characters that are meant to be silly are suddenly the wisest in the land. They have stepped aware from the real world and I am sadly afraid that its all about the punchline. Any new death will receive a reaction that isn’t as powerful as Ned Stark’s head falling. It will all feel like when that little girl burnt on the stake and we never got to know her dreams or see her attempt to realise them.


And maybe we can say that with fewer episodes the show runners don’t have enough time to ease us into the punch lines. Such a big world is a difficult thing to bring to life and they have done a sublime job already. But a story is only as good as its ending and this will be one of the most anticipated endings to any story. I want to get there with that sick feeling familiar in GOT but also a triumph that best embodies the story. I don’t want to get to the end and wonder why I took the time to watch all those hours.




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