The Ballad Of Cleopatra; REVIEW

Just when I gave up on music I came across this master piece. There is nothing as dedicated and pure as sound meant to give understanding. Not emotion, laughter or dance but understanding. And I must say, THE LUMINEERS understand music. Goodness how wonderful it sounds. I think I just found my new favourite group.


Ever been invited into a world that feels more than this one? That says more and shares more and expresses more. And yet, before all these glories of such a world, is the reveal of sorrow that comes only when the love is real. The Lumineers created such a world and it must have started right in the glance of a lonely piano.


It all came about when they decided to tell the story of Cleopatra. At leasts that is what I understand of it. It took six great songs to weave her story from great beauty, promise, hope to what many may get out life. The underbelly of what was once grand is a loneliness and lost sense of things. It is from this point that we get the magic. The lesson. The wisdom. The truth. The Ballad of Cleopatra.


Rarely does music capture such a story. Especially from this generation. Especially when no one is out there looking for it. At least I wasn’t, before I stumbled onto one of my favourite singles. Ophelia. Then it progressed slowly from there and I met Angela. I fell in love with My Eyes and then discovered Cleopatra. And Cleopatra brought me to The Taxi and Sleep On The floor. And they have altogether shattered my senses. Now I listen obsessively to all these great tracks whenever I get a chance.


I guess its mostly because of how it sounds. Story is perfect but there is a sense, as the songs go on, that everyone is right at the edge. You feel and enjoy when the voice shivers at the high notes and glides patiently with the low beats. The instruments sounding slick, light and merged perfectly with the beating of hearts and the spilling of tears. It lifts you in its melody, you marvel at its imagery and it ignites a desire to breath the wind.


What more can I say? I am lucky I came across this ballad, and the creative minds behind it. I can’t even shake the goosebumps that rise whenever I hear the melody again. It is the melody of one of the best songs I have ever heard in my life. And that is saying a lot, even for someone like me.


What did you do to my eyes
What did you sing to that lonely child
Promised it all but you lied
You better slow down baby soon
It’s all or nothing to you

Every time I hear it I end up staring, feeling my life flashing by and wishing I grabbed it. If I held it in my hand I could marvel at the majesty of life itself. I would stare at it and smile as faces I have loved and remembered spread themselves before me. That is The Lumineers the best way I can put them. They are like a great story of a life-long friendship.



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