The Horizon South Africa

The  best part about travel is finding a world left bare and open for you. And you are given the chance to touch it, let your eyes run across it, envy it and capture it however you like. If there is ever a greater freedom for us, it is in moving feet. Not the comfort of cars or the boredom of planes but dirty feet. South Africa has such a land, as with all places in the world. When you are lost, or struggling to lose yourself, somewhere in the greenery, its perfect.

That is when our imaginations and reality collide beautifully, away from the television set, and we start to think. We think of the silent wonder out there of what the world, what God, is truly capable of if the world was left bare.

The water welcomes me also. The colours… I could sit out with my ears to the world and my eyes on the sunset forever. I would Listen to the clever birds pass by and the boisterous ones come close enough to let me see them. I wouldn’t move a muscle as the world carried on from night to dawn to night to brightly lit noons.

That is when a very sorry tour guide will come and find us, drag us back to neat hotels where we must give the dirt away. I would sit then in the confines of loud sounds, chattering, and the air struggling with itself, and wait for dinner time. I would sit and think again. Such a bare world! How beautiful it was to me.


Opening the windows then only gave me a glimpse of the distant mountains that I wished I could sleep on. And when I finally made my way back home, where there were no curious mountains or wild waters, I would be grateful for the travel. In the moment of that magic I would plant a tree. Maybe… Hopefully. Yes! I should! After all, somebody else should find that dirty trail and walk along where the earth is left bare and beautiful.



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