How I danced through the mist.

Elbow high and thickening.

My feet barely touched the ground.

When I danced through the mist.

The world was gleaming after this.

Not dark, cold or raining in.

Alive, bright and wildly seen.

Against the troubles of rising mist.

I found me feet and flew right in.

A warrior burnt into my soul.

Changing fate to someone whole.

Dancing through the mist.


This poem is my encouragement when in trouble, to find a way to brace ourselves and move forward. Its not always easy to find the right path even when it seems so obvious. Its equally not easy to survive the worst surprises that came into our stories. But it is an encouraging thought to believe in destiny, fate and hope. So that, no matter how hard it gets, we find a way to move forward and do what is best. Then, like a warrior, we will have, danced through the mist. We will be growing stronger in mind and heart with every fight.


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