My Poetry

Every single time I write poetry I get scared. It is one of life’s hardest things to do and I know I am exposing my self to ridicule. But it is like the colour of my veins are turning black with ink, willing me to expose myself. So every single time I write poetry I am writing about my heart. And its not a pretty heart. Not always at least. There are days when the only music it hears is a completed poem being chanted again and again in my head. I remember most of them as mothers do their children. They give me joy until they crack, grow old and someone points out the lack of rhyme. But they don’t shatter completely, because you can’t really shatter a thought that struck you so powerfully you wrote it down.

My encouragement then is the attempt at poetry. Its good to write down our hearts and feel them release, like an octopus swimming away from danger. Then when the sun reaches the bottom of the ocean, the poems become songs that dance across the page. Although, I am yet to write my absolutely perfect poem. And when it happens, I will need another family portrait. Fitting a thousand little faces in a single shot is nearly impossible. And I guess life itself is hard to fit in a single frame. That is why the single day, the single poem, the single moments are the things I came back to.

Therefore, to me, my poetry is like a map. They are placing marks on my journey through this life. They are giving me moments I will be glad to remember, especially those I have been reluctant to share.



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