Gregory’s Journey

There is a house on the moor where a lady ran and shut herself in. The sea beats against the shore relentlessly and all she hears are the words that brought her here. Her lover saying that he was not too brave to come to her.


He was searching for his lover but then he found the land, sitting there, tempting him, waiting to be touched. For this whole other world across the ocean, Gregory set off on a boat next morning.


And then all the lands started looking the same. Going from shore to shore a thousand times tinted the glitter of what was once unknown. He found himself roaming for a place to settle, a place to call home.


She came to take one more picture of the place she most remembered. And he was there, because it was where he left her. They stared down at the shore where the waves turned the cliff inwards to hide them in their embrace.



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