Travelling through South Africa

The world is beautiful, all of it, everywhere. I believe it. Even of the worst places in the world, there is great beauty. But there are places that exercise their beauty, they shine and no matter where you are you can’t get over how beautiful it is. South Africa has such a beauty. In Cape town, Wow, it is so…beautiful. There is no other word! I was so fascinated when I got a chance to see it and even more when I went through all the pictures I took. I couldn’t decide what pictures were good and what I could throw away, so I kept them all.

Sadly though, its the one place I have been to that the sight has captured me more than the people. I always notice the people; everywhere I go, but I didn’t this time. They were sullen, divided, extravagant, moody or somewhere in the background. All the beauty and all the sights are pointless when the people are not…one. I cannot say I would ever go back, but, I cannot forget it either. There were two different airs or essences or feelings…am not quite sure how to put it. There was great beauty and a shadow over all of it.

So I clung to my camera through most of the trip, taking pictures, hiding behind the lens, staring through the focus and, at least, I was able to capture moments that inspired me. The beauty became a possibility over the reality. I started to think, and I still think even now, that man is capable of even greater beauty. The land is willing. But is man?


I will be sharing even more pictures of South Africa.


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