Its not easy to infuse a story in a set of words that should, at most, take two minutes to get through. Its even harder to make those words resonate with a shared life lesson. When we find music that does so, it is undeniably beautiful. It echoes in our hearts and makes our dance more ethereal. And it exist, in the fascinating stories created by Vance Joy.

He is an Australian singer-songwriter born James Gabriel Keogh on the first of December 1987, a fact that I find quite biblical. He signed a five album deal with Atlantic records in 2013 and it has so far led to the release of two key albums. His debut extended play titled, God Loves You When You’re Dancing and his debut studio album titled, Dream Your Life Away. He is most recognised for his single Riptide that is, on its own, great enough to be counted among the best songs of our generation. It has that ethereal quality from earlier but with a bounty of knowledge spread perfectly in every verse.


There is nothing greater than the music that inspires new thoughts, ideas, passions and event realisations. It is a cut into a simplified dimension that makes the hurts and loves of our reality better understood. And that is what I feel when I sit for hours, my heart trembling, my ears ignited and my passion provoked, listening to the words in these albums. His music, accurately, is the lamentation of a song bird and a joyful one at that. The very lamentations that feature in all our minds and hearts. In my own mind, its like the messenger Gabriel from the bible coming to share what is a greater hope. Well, without being to romantic.

But I tend to over emphasis music I enjoy and I do enjoy a particular sound that begs me to  be part of the melody. I can’t refuse such sweet invitations from great musicians. And the invitations from his music focus on what I think about all day, love, our actions and the broken realities. My favourites, that you should definitely take the time to listen to, are Mess is Mine, From Afar, Fire and the Flood, Straight Into Your Arms, My Kind of Man and Who Am I.  And what am I? Inspired.



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