Self Awareness Quote

What do I value most – My talent or my people?

I have been writing a lot of these single sentence quotes in my attempt to understand more of the world. Truthfully, most of the ideas are rough and probably wrong. But, it allows me to see the world in different colours. Not just the colours we are used to.

As for this particular quote, I felt the need to speak more on it because of its hidden meaning.

Usually I would take about three hours a day to write poems or articles for this blog. Then devote more time to stories I am currently working on. During those moments, I am absolutely happy and at peace with myself. I wondered, for a long time, what if everyone felt the same way about what they do? Their talent so to speak. Whether as a business man or an astronaut, do we value our time more than we value the people in our lives? I was disappointed to realise that the answer for me was ‘yes’. I value the time I share in my talent more than the time I share with the people around me. Many people in this world may feel the same.

Therefore, the conclusion I reached is that, we should work to merge these two aspects of our lives into one. And that that, is being self aware. How it is done, I have no idea.


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