What’s wrong with Suicide Squad?


Are you asking? Or do you mean What was the worst thing about Suicide Squad?

Let me start us off by saying, I just didn’t believe in Joker and I think we need to believe him. The late Heath Ledger did it right. He had the perfect amount of crazy in front of a mind that was actually genius. And even if he was burning up hospitals or running around in his underway, I believed he could do anything he wanted. It is a perfect piece of storytelling where we loathe yet respect the bad guy.

This new Joker has none of that. Sorry to all Jared Leto fans but, Joker sucks. The worst thing about watching Suicide Squad, apart front the obvious silliness of it all, is that I just didn’t believe in Joker. I just didn’t believe he could do any of what he was talking about. He was just a complete maniac running around with bad make up. No brains, no clever plans, and worst of all, no lengthy talks about his evil that makes us cringe. I mean, for most of the movie I was just wondering why his hair was so green.

Although, I must say, it is hard to compare anyone to what Heath Ledger was capable of. And therefore, so as not to throw Jared Leto under the bus, after his valiant effort of relaying a silly script, I will say that, studios should take more time in coming up with these stories. They keep splicing things together and hoping for the best, like we are duty bound to like anything that makes it to the big screen. Well, sorry, am going old school from now on and strictly watching movies with at least a 6 on Rotten Tomatoes.

My advice to all studios, for the future, is that Joker shouldn’t be a random killer going around shooting at buildings. There should be some mystery behind him, some reason for the mayhem. Sometimes even a good reason for it. And he should seem like he is just on the edge of madness but dancing on it so often that you get terrified. He shouldn’t have to have a ‘damaged’ tattoo on his forehead for us to know that he is one colour away from an explosion. This isn’t a review, by the way, just a fan hoping for something better.



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