Hope for a simple life

Hope for a simple life.

Not a hard one.

One where you are part of all that moves.

You know yourself and those around you.

You are proud and humble with godly purpose.

And you change things for the better.

So hope for a simple life.

Like a farmer who breathes fresh air.

Who feeds the world.


Like a teacher who keeps on learning.

Growing generations with his wisdom.


Or travel, by your means.

On foot, on bicycles or with nothing to lose.

And see the culture of the world before you.


Most importantly, hold no high ideal or desire.

Do not succumb to the temptation of this world,

And want more.

Appreciate your place however little.

Then your mind will be open to what you need.

To who you are.

So that one day you will smile contentedly at the evening sun.

Not because you were the richest or the wisest.

But because, of everyone,

Your life had meaning.


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