Locker Room Talk by Donald Trump


Apologise to women? How despicable is that statement. Why not apologize to people in general. To the entire human race because prejudice of one part rots the whole. It is fact, and man has been unable to process it. At the base of everything our society is like the body of a millipede. While we can afford to lose singular limbs, a blow limits our effective defence. The disregard of the head or the body limits the animal’s mobility in its large and complex world.

The millipede however, unlike the human race, has one great advantage. These essential body parts, for life and growth, are not easily distinguished from one to the next. The body is not painted up in different colours or affiliated with different worldviews or even trapped in hopeless systems. When the millipede moves, everything moves without one part recognizing the differences of another. But just like an actual body, every part is vastly different and is meant to be so. A repetition of heads as a millipede’s body does not make it more effective. A repetition of limbs for a body is just ridiculous. And worse is a repetition of mouths without purpose or function. The millipede is blessed in understanding the basic principle of difference, simply because it does not question the division of its form. We do.

And while it might be even more ridiculous to debase the advanced structures, understandings, philosophies and even parts of the human world into a singular body, it bears wisdom. Like a millipede’s parts must move together with purpose, and traverse in constant motion the ups and downs of their world, we too must unite in a similar fashion. More so. Because the point of our existence, beyond all the wealth, success, strife and belief, is to coexist. Why else would a creature of capable and agile mind be put in the same planet with another? Millipedes never posed the question of, how should I exist with others. Or, can we create a system where every part is valuable? They are blessed with the freedom of instinct that pushes them without recoil or instigation to what is right. But we have the thought to desire a better existence.

But we do not. Instead we go about distinguishing and placing ourselves into pointless groups that only work to tie up our legs. Consider again the millipede’s body and divide it up under every group known in our world today. When you divide, cut up into an equal two any part that was once one.

Example of one who would be considered thoughtful

  1. Race (I am white)
  2. Continent (I am American)
  3. Country (I am from the United States)
  4. Religion (I am Christian)
  5. Tribe (I am a white american)
  6. Language (I speak English and Spanish)
  7. Town (I am in Florida)
  8. Place (I live in my family home)
  9. Wealth (Struggling)
  10. Body (Exercising)
  11. Looks (I am pretty)
  12. Believes (I am a vegetarian)
  13. World Views (All men are similar except for those who hide their true self)
  14. Prejudice (I am against money minded individuals)
  15. Career (None)
  16. Talent (Writer)
  17. Interest (Psychology, photography and philosophy)
  18. Sports (Tennis)
  19. Education (Bachelor)
  20. Music (Indie)
  21. Age (Youth)
  22. Month of Birth (January)

It trickles itself all the way down to the most basic thing like hair and what shoes you wear. But we have forgotten something rather important. This is that, within all the divisions you can think of, divide them again into two. Why? Sex. We are either male or female. The one division we are more bombarded with than we realise. Human beings are desperate to belong and in that effort they are therefore desperate to divide. How then can you belong to something if it is not actually different from another. But by this point our millipede is nothing more than a speck of dust. If we put in all the divisions, we are nothing more than a broken system incapable of the most important thing like saving our planet.

So how should we look at it? A lecturer once handed out a question on a newspaper article that everyone in the class had to read. Simply, list out what you think. The article was provocative enough to make it so that another division showed itself. Individuality. Every single person tackled the question in their own little way. Like a building, some choose to focus on the windows and others on the doors. Others saw it fit to spend time on the floors while others were outside on the grass. Some lingered around the walls to add decorations while others cleaned out the rooms. What about cutlery? One asked while another ran out to get pillows. One by one they all found their niche and thrived. And while a building is a small matter compared to the world, the world is more desperately in need of this understanding. Like the lecturer put it, our differences are what make us stronger.

Like there is no millipede in the world holding prejudice against its legs, we too should never treat a single part of our valuable whole in that manner. Or we are at risk of having buildings without windows. It is as easy as choosing to learn from all the divisions whether you agree with them or not. It would be even better if you actually didn’t agree because then you can achieve the right kind of change. Imagine how shocked the students were when papers containing their answers were dispersed. They didn’t realise how many things they left out or things they disregarded or things they would not even have been able to think about with an additional thirty hours. They got together and discussed their thoughts accepting that there is so much more you can learn from another person, even the most bizarre.

Apologizing to women therefore becomes a rather stupid thing. You can learn nothing from a part that you discriminate, sexualise, make inferior or superior or even ignore. You can learn nothing if your mind is focused on what makes them different; like men who would look at women like objects and women who would look at men like problem solvers. You can learn nothing if you don’t decide to see them all as one part of a classical whole. We are like a millipede that must somehow move all its legs towards a goal. That said, Trump should apologise to everyone across the whole world. And in view of our discussion, we have learned much from him.



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