Life In A Day. REVIEW

It started with a call out by Scott Free Production house, which caused over 80,000 people from across the world to submit videos of a single day. July 24th 2010. It was in the bid to create a time capsule of how the world was, is, and will probably be remembered, and have that shared from generation to generation as man grows. The film was put together by Scott Free, a Youtube video sharing site and distributed by National Geographic as what is  a rare glimpse of mankind at present. Who we are, how we spend our days, what we love, what we fear and what we hope for, were among the questions answered eagerly by the participants, giving us a taste of nearly everything.


The pace of the film is brilliant. I found myself hoping it wouldn’t end and not sure if it could. It truly felt like it lived on even when the sound stopped playing. The best part about it was the interaction of people from across the world, even without knowing it. No voice is left out. You found yourself part of a hot day in Brazil, in the middle of a jungle in Congo, before you fly to France, see Japan and experience thunder, all in one moment. And then all the voices have something to say. They leave an impression. You think about each one, as many as they are, and see life through their eyes. Then you see your own as the story goes on. It is a sensation for both the mind and the heart.


Very rarely do we all fit in one thing, concept, idea. Even the many people featured in the film, clearly had different thoughts on what was important and what was life. Some saw poverty as life, others saw sickness, others saw hope, others love and therefore not all of them would understand each other. But in this single film, I felt that they all fit together somehow. Like a large machine that winds up the sun every morning and puts the stars in the sky every evening. I guess just as literal as it sounds. One earth. We are one earth. One movement. Together. Whether we are aware of it or not. And this film tries desperately to make us aware of it. We are shown what is worth cherishing, after how you live your life is no longer the issue. Simply, cherish life.


I enjoy documentaries, when they go out of their way to be wholesome, clever and memorable. This film is all that and more. And because of the concept and its make, it is now absolutely free for viewing on Youtube, Life In A Day. Everyone should take some time to watch it, so we can see life as it is among us. And cherish the movement of our single earth.



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