They have taken over, haven’t they. I on the other hand, am still not quite certain of their purpose. Especially with those funny stories emerging of people stopping their cars by the side of the road just to take a selfie. In the middle of town! A place that is largely not popular at all. If it was in front of the Burj Khalifa and someone was balancing himself awkwardly to take the whole building in the shot, now that’s a picture worth a selfie. I must say though, I am not against it…not specifically. Just…curious.

The view is behind you, though. Why not look at it?

Still, not against it…

I have just been enamoured with human emotion. Just how much we want to be a part of the world that we would post our face on every wall. Just to be remembered. In a way its very darling of our society. Even though the practise has moved on from historic sites, travel destinations and into anything from a bare open field to…’I look good today’. It shows the underlying need in man to connect with others. Question is, what are we connecting to?

I will complain about one thing only. That for as much as it is a way to connect, be remembered, shared and appreciated, it distorts true unity. Not all of us tend to feel like we ‘look good’ that day. Selfies may actually paint an image of what is right and beautiful to an extreme, almost unfair level.  So thank God for the witty selfies of people in front of wailing goats and other animals. These are just the best selfies out there!! Then again, must there be a picture everyday? Must it be taken constantly even when there is nothing noteworthy going on? And why not just take a full sized picture? Call a friend and ask them to walk away with an actual camera, pose, then run to and fro making sure its perfect. Like in the oldern days.

Still, am not against it.

We all need to be part of something. It is the most cherished experience of our time here together. Some are part of the bold and adventurous. Others of the unknown and bizarre. So, in a way, we all belong.



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