The state of the world is simple. We suffer, we struggle, we face so much distraction because of one thing. The un-informed man. Without true knowledge democracy cannot work. Government cannot work. And man in today’s society has no founding knowledge on what is necessary, what is just and what is right.

It stems from four key variables.

  1. Man does not care.
  2. Man does not know.
  3. Man is misguided.
  4. Man knows not what he can do.

We live in a world that is so convoluted with numerous reports, opinions, interests and entertainments that we can almost be forgiven for not knowing. But the mass restrictions on each man because of another is a great crime. If one chooses to know, he must not suffer because the rest choose not to. Those who decide to act on what this knowledge offers, need support. Without the support of the populace then we will be ruled by the worst of us. When the best minds, with the best ideas, get opposed and disgarded, there is no point to our struggle. The presence of the un-informed man spells doom for all, world and living.

The uninformed man lets a family seat for a meal and receive news that their lives are no longer private, their opinions are no longer valid, and their interests are being doctored, but they will do nothing. They will continue living life exactly the same. After all, what is freedom?

Man does not care

Granted, there are many things we shouldn’t bother with. How the organs of a snail actually function. The inside of a camera. The contents of a gift basket. Sometimes the world goes on moving whether we are aware of its movement or not. Then again, the disregard of certain knowledge could actually stop movement altogether. Getting all religions in the world, all world views, all peoples, to learn about one topic is not as complicated as it may seem. But to get them to care about it, is harder than reversing the movement of the sun. Tell one man to stop littering and they will think it is the smallest concern to waste the day over. Tell another man that thousands have fled from their homes in fear and they will still think with the same energy they used on the first concern. Man cannot be bothered to care about bigger matters when they cannot be bothered with smaller ones. To make them care takes reminding them what their existence really stands for. After all, what is man really for?


Man does not know

The saddest truth is that we will all one day plead ignorance. Our days stretch on. Our hours are limited. Our interest are too numerous to keep track of. We will therefore say that we do not know what goes on around us. During the British vote to leave the EU, a majority of the citizens knew nothing about the true nature of their vote. In fact, in many universities around the world, many more people would have to search the meanings of various terminology. EU? WHO? NASA? ICRC? NATO? IMF? And terminology apart, what of the functions of key organisations? Man does not know. What about the latest human rights violations or the latest military movements or the latest illegal corporation acts?  What is to stop wrong doing if the victims are unaware of it?  In this information age, man has never had less knowledge than in any other age in history. Because now, there is much more to know about. Much more to learn. Much more that hangs in the balance. And while there are things we should hardly care about, there are those we would care about if we only knew. After all, what is life like?

Man is misguided

And why not? If you could control what the population thinks about, what they worry about, what they are interested in, to further your own agenda, won’t you go for it? And how easy it has became to mislead the public. Entertainment takes half our day, even for the most restrained. Work takes the rest of it, even for the most carefree. Between the hours left, man can only think about what is to come. Work makes it so that we do not care. We focus only on keeping our interest in society. Our money, our position, our expertise or our opportunities. The working class therefore would never risk or be bothered enough to seek a change that could take away their precious work. Entertainment on the other hand has became so popular that man is involved in it without realising. Television, sports, competition and even celebration is all just a form of entertainment. Most of it blinds us from seeing the truth, stops us from thinking about what really matters and even confuses us into believing that everything is right with the world. It is in these two forms of existence that man is truly misguided. At work, they would seek to preserve what could be a rotten system. In entertainment, they are led to think in a way that benefits that system. After all, what is our purpose in this world?

Man knows not what he can do

Nothing on the planet has ever been achieved without joint effort. So whether man doesn’t care, know or is misguided, they are in fact aiding in the achievement of various outcomes. Learned people from around the world are constantly complaining about the state of things from global warming to corruption. But what is the real reality? A single person in one country needs there to be global warming for their day to move exactly as planned. They indulge in water sources, electricity, manufactured foods, clothes, transportation and so much that is dependant on the destruction of the planet. They increase the power of harsh practices while complaining about its effect. The opposite is also true. If that single person stopped eating certain foods. If that act would spread from individual to individual and on to the majority. Then the system will work towards their interest as it does now. Man has more power than he realises. The richest organisations in the world are highly dependant on the people’s continued misuse of their power. A single shift in interest and the whole world will look a whole lot different. After all, what is a country without the single person?



Can we create a perfect society? Is it possible for man to aspire to a different existence? One that is lacking in hunger, war, violence and more. Or is the fate of this world riding solely on the few who decide it for the rest of us? Is the prediction of the bible inescapable?

For there to be change of any kind, we need Informed Men. Because change must be achieved. A person in a better place should not take for granted the suffering of another, in a worse place. If they do, then both stop being valuable. A person should not ignore the effect of their actions because of what it does to the irreversible fates of the world. In fact, a person should be largely concerned with the smallest things so as to build the strength needed in tackling the bigger things.

It takes caring, knowledge, the right information or preoccupation and putting the power of the people to good use.



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