Mathematical Trees

I am a bit silly, I know. That is why I am calling these the mathematical trees. And just look at them. Hopefully am not the only one who sees how intense they are. You almost want to count all the edges. Measure every angle. How they bind themselves to the tree. How many per branch. How tall they grow. A lot more! … Probably its just me but still, they look magnificent.

Mathematical Trees 1Mathematical Trees 4Mathematical Trees 7Mathematical Trees 8Mathematical Trees 13


2 thoughts on “Mathematical Trees

  1. I have two plane trees in my back yard. They are some of the best trees around for purifying polluted air. They line the streets of Paris and you con find then in London. In the US where the elm tree was almost eradicated by Dutch Elm disease, these trees have been used to replicate the great boulevards. A member of the sycamore family, you have chosen your math wisely. Cheers.

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    1. Hehehehe, Thanks!!! So you do believe in the beauty of such trees!! They really are amazing, especially the Sycamore family. Am going to find a way to grow them around here!


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