Anime: The Most Iconic Characters

The world of animation is vast and addictive. There is a powerful story out there for every sort of person. Its all about how manga is written and therefore, what emotions it evokes in us. Personally I have never fallen in love with a character like those in the world of Japanese animation. And the only way for someone to achieve that level of commitment to a character is if the story touches on all things. The big three, Creative, Intellectual and Artistic.

Sometimes however, the story doesn’t make sense. The characters are too cliche and the violence is unending. Sometimes we just want to call the creator at odd hours of the day and scream into the phone, ‘Get To The Point.’ So when you find the sort of story that fits every insanity while being as powerful and original as anime, you gush about every detail. I believe I can sit for a One Piece exam and exceed the score limits. Out of 100, I will achieve a whooping one hundred and seventy five. And I don’t mind how cliche that sounds. Because the best thing about any story, are the characters. Especially those you tend to remember long after the story ends.

Shougo Makishima: Psycho Pass

We all love villains. They make the show much more tantalising. And deep down we actually want the bad guy to win just because they do what they do so perfectly. No one fits the category like this guy. He shows up and you both want to kill him and hand the world over to him. He is the unnerved villain in a world where machines can detect the level of violence in every human being, instantly branding them as criminals. It doesn’t work on him though. Because when he kills, there is not even a trace of  malice on his face.


Killua: Hunter X Hunter

The tortured young heir to an assassins family is undoubtedly the most romantic aspect of this story. And I must say, it is a great story. Where many people compete in torrid exams for a chance to be called Hunters, allowing them access to all corners of the world. Because of Killua, you spend your time clinging to the powerful emotions at the heart of it. When friendship, purpose and opportunity seem  hidden behind an overpowering sense of doubt, fear and self-sacrifice.


Sanji & Law: One Piece

I can’t decide who is the best. And I don’t want to. So I will play the marry, kill game on both of them to give you a perspective of where I am in all this. I would marry both Law and Sanji and kill everyone else in One Piece who comes between our destiny. Both are top pirates in a world where all pirates have gone berserk looking for a legendary treasure said to give one immortal fame and wealth. It is the largest creation of allies and enemies ever. And both have that air of great destiny at the end of the ocean.



Alphonse Elric: Full Metal Alchemist

When a great tragedy shapes the rest of your life, many of us tend to crumble. But Alphonse stayed bright and cheerful even when a botched alchemy attempt robbed him of his whole body. Alchemy being the transformation of one thing by giving up another. Like taking a teapot and turning it into gold using a magical understanding of the basic laws of physics. Sounds boring but it is so not. This world is one of those that draws us in, almost like a second home.


Gaara: Naruto

When you hate someone then love them then end up trusting them implicitly, that’s character development. Gaara is a young prince of the Sand Village cursed with the presence of a ravaging demon within him. Everyone hates him because of it and try to kill him in the most brutal way. But it actually draws us in, and we start to see the potential of his ‘love’.


Levi: Attack on Titan

The world sees him as the bravest man alive, and so do I.  All the entries from this point on represent the characters that one never forgets. And in my book, they are the true icons of anime. I can go fifty years and still remember Levi. I can even go a hundred and still dedicate myself to understanding the insane world he lives in. He is a military prodigy who stands first against the titans whose one soul purpose is to devour  all of humanity into extinction.


Pain: Naruto

Pain, the name itself just brings an ache in my heart. He was a villain from a broken village who decided to fight for unity in a way many do. Forcefully and blinded by a sadistic leader. But in his heart there was something special. And at the end of his life, enemies sat together like they were once great friends. He became a powerful hero.

Wallpapersxl Naruto Nagato Pain Shippuden 274794 1280x720

L : Death Note

From one of the greatest stories ever put to ink. From one of the most masterful presentations of fantasy and reality, comes a character everyone loves. He is a genius facing off a self-declared god with the power to kill anyone whose name he writes in a notebook. While L struggles to find this clever killer, he unwittingly builds a great friendship with him that transforms the story from average to immeasurable. I doubt if anyone will ever create this magic again.


Ulquiorra: Bleach

My favourite character comes in the form of an espada (Ghoul King) working under the brilliance of Aizen. While Aizen dominates the world with his sinister motives, the people he brings under him are worth every mention. That said, there is no one else like Ulquiorra. His evilness is perfect. His emotions are diverse. And his will power is unshakable.  When the Death Gods declare war on his home, he stays cool in the midst of it all while giving us a taste of rare love.


There has never been a more Iconic character in all of anime!



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