We are all friends, I can tell you. They were my favourite children. CavePaintingHow easily they learnt my ways. They embraced my rhythms from all corners. They cared for the young ones left behind. 850418-mayan-wallpaperThey were champions, conquerors, wise and generous lovers of all I set  before them. But they have changed and allowed themselves to destroy it all.

deforestation-causes-HI_104236They cracked open my womb and broke all my defences. My oldest friends vanish in the chaos. hqdefaultThe trees, the rivers and the children I bore.  So I start to cry. I know my tears will swallow them all before they destroy me.

_87404210_030712207-1I will release the waters in my secret places to cover the body I gave to them. But if it does not work, I will not stop shaking until I feel their creations crumble. I will not stop swirling my winds until I can no longer feel the weight their existence.

Though, it is not my wish. They are still mine. If they change, it can renew me.



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