The Great Musicians

Music is a complicated form of earthly celebration. Not because of the writers and the singers but the listeners who decide what goes where. The bright lights, the pretty girls, the repetitive music is always chosen above the rest. And the rest of the world doesn’t seem to have a choice after that. We face endless hours listening to the same music being played far too often. While we think…’I do a better job in my shower!’

So, most of the time, I venture away from the television and radio headlines to find my own kind of music. Something simple, powerful and endless. That’s my relationship with music. It is something I can definitely listen to repeatedly, without it starting to ache in my head. Something that tells me the singer loves their work more than any other person ever could. Its a hard kind of music to find. Its even harder to find the voices that fit into this, masterfully. But I think…I have.


The smooth sounds, powerful lessons, beautiful instruments and great love of art that I require exists almost altogether in one group. Mumford and Sons! It was a group formed in the year 2007, London. With four artists all of whom specialise in a musical instrument. Marcus Mumford is the Lead Singer who plucks the electric guitar. Ben Lovett, a vocalist whose fingers dance on a piano. Winston Marshall, who sings and lives on the guitar. And lastly Ted Dwane, the bass sound and singer.

From the Left: Ted Dwane, Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett and Winston Marshall.

Together the group has released three studio albums. Sigh No More (2009). Babel (2012). And Wilder Mind (2015).

It is honestly, very refreshing! They sound like the beasts of the valley have flown into heaven. And these beasts are the ones we could never conquer here on Earth. They roamed where they wanted and changed the forces around them. While, there were moments when they could simply sit in the grass for ages and let the world cover them.

My best song by the group is Ditmas! But these are some of their work that I believe can convince you also. That they are, The Great MusiciansBabelBroad-Shouldered Beasts,  Hopeless Wanderer, I Will Wait and almost all of it.



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