Corruption is inevitable. Its easier to change the direction the world rotates in than it is to change the minds of the corrupt. And I am being rather serious. This whole article is written with the most sincere intentions. So it must be true, we can bring scientist, engineers, mechanics and everyone in the world to work together towards changing our rotation. At the end of the day we would have achieved something worthwhile. But changing corruption or those who allow themselves to be so, is an effort in madness.

The mind of a corrupt person is either sincerely frightened or hilariously insane. We can assume that it is a fear of poverty because of a poverty in the mind. The problem with electing people into office who have no record of creative output and understanding is that they really can’t do anything else. Money is for the bank, not for the ground. Instead of building a country, they will build houses, travel and steal more towards incessant and absurd gains. And we can assume that it is hilarious because they have devoted their whole being and effort to the task no matter how counter productive it is. Most people build dams to keep away a flood, but they loosen the rocks and let their people die. Most people build a business that keeps on growing and giving hope to a country, but they build a business that serves only them and takes away from the rest. Most people just build, build, but they cannot put a plan in motion. And I cannot choose which is worse, fear or insanity.


Case 1: 180 million kenyan shillings

Case 2: Worse than ever

Case 3: Sh 608 billion lost to corruption every year

Case 4: Kenyan Indecision

Case 5: 1990, Turkwel Dam

Case 6: Kenyan Maize Scandal

Case 7: Our fact and history

Case 7: The unsolvable Goldenberg Scandal

Case 8: There are too many, I gave up and sourced Wikipedia


As a citizen I feel disheartened to realise that my country will never grow. No, I won’t kid myself and be hopeful. It is a doomed country.

But there may be another strategy. If a majority of the country come together and agree to a 300 billion deal, then we will be on our way to a better future.

The 300 billion deal is for a change in office. Money, from the budget and from international aid can be set aside until we have the total amount. Then we can go to every politician in our country and give them 1 billion each. But we only give them that money if they agree to give up on politics and never return to their seats again. NO…not agree, we will tell them that they have to leave politics and never return to their seats. After all, what is the point of them maintaining their seats if no benefit will ever trickle down to the mwananchi (citizen). Once every politician has been so sufficiently put aside, we can start afresh with young leaders. Young leaders who will stick to an accepted expenditure each year, publicly declare bank statements as well as declare the use of finances within the country. Basically people who have a desire for growth, no matter how hard it is and how many challenges they face local or international.


Its about time we allowed our country grow! If not for us, for the young futures.


If you believe that too, say so in the comments! It just takes one of us for the numbers to grow.




2 thoughts on “THE 300 BILLION KENYAN DEAL

  1. swabri

    Well, if we pay them (politicians) 300bn wont we be partners in crime??? i mean we r practically bribing these idiots to leave us alone…nw dats kinda tricky? I wonder what our conscious will be like then?

    Liked by 1 person

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