Nothing is ever complete without the Female Form

The scientist rushed into a dark room, moving things along the way. It was practically impossible for his body to get through all the stacked up tapes in the Record Department, but he didn’t mind. He would have cut off his limbs to be here.

“Angul!” The lead professor barked at him from the front. “Try not to break anything.”

“Y-yes, Sir!”He edged in closer to where three others were seating. NO one was familiar to him, but even that didn’t matter. The purpose of the Record Department was to View. Before them was a large screen with over ten different channels. All the channels filled with the strangest images he had ever seen. It was time to ask a question, he thought. “Which is the most viewed?” All four heads turned to face him.

“Earth!” One volunteered before turning to the professor for his approval.

“We have been watching Earth for over ten thousand years! There is no more interesting a species in the whole universe.” The professor added solemnly before turning back to the screens. He pointed a clawed finger at one in particular.

“Wow,” Angul stared at the large screen with all its sights and movements, he had never seen an Earth creature before. The screens tended to jump between key moments of the most emotional impact in that world. If all the Earth creatures felt sadness, the screens would focus on the object of their sadness. At the moment it was focused on the crowds of people walking up and down some decorated stone walls. “They are so beautiful.”All the heads turned to face him again.

“You would say that!” One of the three sneered and they all laughed. “You Candoins are not known for beauty.” They looked at him for a while before turning back to the screens. Only then did he let himself look down at his form. A body of mostly white mucous, on one slithery leg was all that constituted him. But on top of it was a big brain, which should be enough to gain the groups respect. A big brain capable of gathering numerous data was the reason they were all here, making them all same. Though, he sighed, no one ever respected Candoins unless when it came to strategy. He stared at them. They weren’t that great either. Apart from the Haldian who looked largely Human, the rest came from planets with very complicated forms. The professor himself looked more like a wild creature, if you stared too long at his large claws and teeth. Every year, a strange group like this is formed to review everything about the ‘Marked Planets’. And the reasons for it are far-reaching.

“Have we discovered anything?” He asked and only the professor’s head turned.

“Our focus has been shifted. We are no longer looking for new technology and social advancements.” The professor had a touch of Irony in his words. It was very troubling to hear.

“What are we looking for?”

“Every planets emphasis! Their most important quality. The shifts of the screen that are based on the largest emotional impact across their world.” Professor pointed to another screen, which was mostly grey in colour. “We can never get a clear picture from the Ironeos, their emphasis is only on mental clarity. Something they must all think about for it to reflect on the screens.”

“What is the most common emphasis?”

“Earth has an emphasis that has changed the way we look at all worlds, enough to rewrite our strategies in the Record Department!” The professor spoke casually and stared at the screen again. It changed from the streets to something none of the aliens could fully understand. A woman, randomly dancing and singing about her body. The little they knew of the numerous Earth languages led them to believe that the picture was infinitely important. The professor spoke just as the screens changed to another woman. “Nothing is ever complete without the female form!”




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