A perfect society was created for a single function, to survive eternity. Mankind had been slowly over populating itself into extinction, until the creation of Likeheart. It is a world built on a perfect balance. A mathematical equation that excludes none! Justifies none. Destroys none. From birth, the only question one had to answer is, Hot or Cold?


The Parameters


Division. It is the one true unifying quality of mankind. This society established that if they efficiently divide the population into various non-distinguishable groups, man will be more motivated by their functions. The division was done in manageable numbers with a mere four thousand (4,000) per distinguishable boundary. They had to remain as four thousand, come years, decades and as long as millenniums. Maintaining a perfect equation of death and birth. Across the earth, there are 225,000 such groups since the very beginning. Therefore this being the year 4012, there are precisely 900,000,000 people alive on earth. Excluding those outside the parameters.


The Area


They had the whole world to divide and they did so, cleverly. Four thousand people meant. From oceans to land, to mountains, they divided all of humanity indiscriminately. This was done simply by asking the question, “Do you prefer hot or cold.” No state. No nationality. No standing difference apart from preferences in climate, as terrible as it had become during the evacuation. The choice was free to all the moment they turned eighteen. Until then, they were an anomaly.


The Quantifier


The purpose of parameters was to create a sustainable system. They achieved it. All the groups, all the parameters, had to maintain their own food production. There was to be no distribution, sale or upgrade beyond your own factor. Not even to the others, except for surplus, which I will mention later on. They were to maintain their own vegetation, wildlife, water, waste and all other matters. Assistance from the outside world came only in the form of information, relevant or not. If they poison their water supply, destroy their ecosystem, they were simply cut off from the rest and a new faction was created as replacement.


When earth completed the divisions and all the systems began running, it served a separate purpose. Population Reduction. Places with the harshest climatic conditions were more prone and mankind nearly disappeared. Many factions threatened to end the programs but the larger success was far more powerful. To cope with the death rates, the groups were simply reduced and spread over a wider area. It is representative of the current 225, 000 groups in existence compared to the 3,000,000 start.


The Additions


Mankind was still mankind, with a horrifying need to have power and control. The system was created by Martidona to destroy this need. To exist in a group, you could have no more wealth or influence or opportunity. They were all the same, as the 4,000. However, after a mere hundred years, farmers become much more popular. Which lead to most of the population longing to be chosen as farmers. To counter this human error, Martidona led humanity into gaining something else. They gained the basic understanding of the human ego. According to the written ‘Likeheart Declaration’, the 4000 became 2000; the 2000 became 1000, on and on until individuals arose from the basic split. In the declaration, it was all about the individual within the groups. It demanded that everyone must learn everything. Everyone had to be everything. They were all farmers, doctors, mechanics, engineers, programmers and advisors. Each one could do everything. No man knew more or less than another. Likeheart took away position, affiliation, disorder, corruption and revolutions. But that arose a second anomaly.


The scope


Every group can have only 4000 at a time. The present technology on earth, however inferior to the new Quadrent, can accurately measure how many humans are alive in a group. Food is produced in relation, ensuring minimal waste. New houses, roads and materials are never built, only rebuilt. Everything is perfectly calculated from the birth of new life to the death of old one. A single unmeasured life or death can bring the whole system down. To prevent this, the technology accurately monitors all human life and alerts all residence to any unmeasured change. These groups maintain communication with one another to anticipate movement between borders. Travellers are tracked and can only enter a group’s territory if the same number leave before hand.

And in dealing with the actual life and death, humans were divided into age groups. There are always twenty dying every decade, and twenty more being born. Mathematically sound by taking into account life expectancy, legal birthing age and individual birth allowances. Between the life and death, twenty youth from other groups are making the decision between hot and cold. The perfection of this system has grown to almost machine like mechanics.

But there are always anomalies every couple of decades. The unscheduled births are the ones we send to you. I was one of them. I was birthed from a Tundra group. I was the anomaly, 4002. They sent me out to you! But not all come to you. My sister ended up as most of the unscheduled. I was just an anomaly of luck. Only I had the brain capacity required for your mind preservation projects.


I must say, I feel the need to add this in my report, as it will further explain my ending. My twin was thrown out of the group and ended up with The Others.


The Exceptions


On this matter, they have struggled to prevent the creation of exceptions. There is always an anomaly, a mistake in the design, requiring an exception.

First is the selection of new groups by the young. Hot or cold in this world is shy of confusion and litigation. It seems near impossible to perfect the move of these individuals. More than half prefer the heat. More than half prefer to stay where they are. We can blame it on Earth’s shift from its axis but the result is forcefully inserting undecided individuals into unwanted groups. As it is against the Likeheart to force, they are considered anomalies.

Second is the existence of human life outside the parameters. Currently they represent only an inch of the world’s population but they are growing. Without the guidance of the parameters, they can live and birth as they please. They are finding ways of surviving in the secluded earth. It has become a matter of concern that they will once again destroy the populations living so far without human touch. Many consider violence, but that is also against the Likeheart and therefore making them an anomaly.

Third, life expectancy is increasing. They used to die at forty, now they live to seventy and soon will live longer. Some consider it a miracle. In truth, it is a mathematical disaster. Adjustment of the population to cope with the new ages has yet to be formulated. There has been a rising fear among the groups that the youth are disappearing the more they attempt to prevent unscheduled births. A matter I do not have the resources or mind to solve at the moment. An urgent anomaly.

Fourth is the rising argument that the Likeheart is wrong. There are individuals who can learn something that no one else in their group can and they demanded representation. They call themselves the Rich District. They, as to my understanding, see no point in farms and food. They want to create, to imagine, to dream, to be, as to my understanding, human. When I first arrived on earth in the year 3000, they posed the threat of internal war. I had to solve the matter myself and created a new group after the death of another Subterrean group. All individuals who feel inclined with the new abilities are free to move there. In that group, they do not farm or worry about food, relying only on surplus from others. They create. So far, apart from starvation, they are infected with a rising level of curiosity. My presence and appearance only seemed to intensify it. They have never seen a robotized humanoid capable of living for a thousand years since I am the first ever sent to earth. On this matter, I highly advice making them aware of our existence before they discover it themselves!


The result


You sent me to analyse Earth and establish if we can implement their systems on our conquered planets. The little I remember of Exitoc and Narsi, are the presidents, wars, diseases, eradications, extinctions, powers and extreme wealth. To counter such, the system on earth is advisable. Earth had been abandoned and left for decay in 2589. Now it is revived.

However, I am not sending this letter to confirm its application but to address a different matter.

I was chosen for this task because I had the IQ relevant to achieve it. Therefore it is my sincerest recommendation that we avoid any interaction with this planet. We should not learn from them, or seek to influence them in any way. Our immortal race cannot exist in a perfect system without an anomaly. And I believe, despite my mathematical mind, anomalies are the function of our existence.




TO Commander Xizu Martin

Of the independent Fadoin Quadrent.






From No. 2386


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