Money Me!

We were once infants trying to understand the common, like how a straw fills with water and how water colours the sky. Now grown, we have stopped questioning the world and turned it on ourselves. Stare out your window and you will see that man can no longer fit. We are stranded in a formless world that calls for repetition and amusement. And in our constant motion and senseless humour, there is only one sight. (Man is too numerous for any other view!) We see ourselves like headless sheep running after a single sound in a tormenting blizzard. That sight is so fascinating to us that we have stopped learning. We have stopped discovering. We have stopped experiencing. We have stopped living. We are appeased by a moment of beauty, against millenniums of it. In the sight of one another we see only fresh problems, pointless bearings and created enemies.

It seems, there is nothing to do but let man continue heedlessly into a worthless existence. And all for the pursuit of wealth.

Why not discover a new way to experience our shared humanity? Why not enjoy our shared ability of thought? Why not build solutions that support our present and future. Why not create so lovely a world around us that it catches the eye of fantasy. Ants survive in billions, working as the true masters of unity. IF we learned a little of it, we outnumber them enough to build a whole new world.


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