The Tortoise and the World

What is better than a slow race! One that takes time, making you learn and grow. What is wrong with being behind? Its a part of all races. Over the course, your feet learn to dance instead of run. After a while, you learn to understand your journey and appreciate your grace. In the long run, you have became all you can be and have realised your true strength. What is better than a slow race?

Appreciate the moments when you seem lost in the background. Appreciate the moments when life seems longer and more chaotic. Appreciate the moments when you lose your way and all but fall on your face. Appreciate the moments when you can barely stand and walk. There is a great gift in coming from the back and winning the race! Everyone remembers those who struggled but survived. Its the greatest gift the world can give. To be remembered! All you have to do to experience it, is to keep on running. Keep on believing. Keep on doing what you love?

The giants of our society are those who were once forgotten. Then they simply spoke and the whole world turned to listen.

My favourite race in the world ‘The Tour of France’, depicts the mentality one should carry towards an inspiring finish.


This is the race as it starts, when we all must face it. But even now, even at birth, it seems unfair. Life always begins with others ahead and others behind, straight out of our mothers womb.

Christopher Froome of Britain, wearing the overall leader's yell


A day comes when we realise that we have potential. We compete or we simply hope to be realised above the rest for all we can accomplish.



With a gift, comes a great lesson. Some of us fail terribly and think ourselves conquerors of others. But the actualised man sees his great gift, simply as his own special role in the world with no real reliance on those around him.



Tragedy looms over us all. Some fall easily to the burdens and some take a while to fall. But it follows us all, to remind us that there is something else about living. Something that we cannot yet come to grasp. Otherwise, we would all be healthy, wealthy and wise.



The greatest of victories are the ones we struggle for. The greatest of victories are the ones we never expected. The greatest victories leave us in tears or laughing wildly at everything we see. Don’t mind the Slow Race, there is great victory for those who keep on going.



At the end of life, you should discover yourself abundantly happy! Simply, keep on going.


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