Humm in silence

I am trapped in a rotten  sorrow.
So bleak is my existence,
That I plead for ignorance.
Let them not know me.
Or dare touch the depths of my despair.
But let them linger within reach.
My heart will be too deceased if they stray.
For them, I will remain silent.
A ghost in a dancing banquet.
Staring down from the chandelier.
Humming along with a damaged tone.
And silent, In the cage of my loss.
I would love to live,
But for the fear that my touch, destroys.
I remain in the silence of my noise.



2 thoughts on “Humm in silence

  1. This is really deep and amazing. My thoughts exactly. My advice for you is to first love yourself, love yourself then you will know those who truly love you but you should know, you are loved.


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