Geeks have no paradise. No sanctuary; where they can stretch themselves out and exhaust their true definition. And they so badly need it. Not just in  comic-con or on the big screen, but in music. The AMAS (American Music Awards) this past Sunday have taken us deep into a geek paradise we do so greatly relish. Nerd Alert.

Why don’t we start with,’SHUT UP and dance with me!’ because I am so walking on the moon. A sentence all geeks will happily string together more so for the confusion its sure to cause cave-dwellers. This song takes me back to the hip disco sensations of a priceless era. When we could walk in with muddy shoes and scrap the floor to music. When we could fall in love like pharaohs and kiss the sun and the moon.

Nicholas Petricca (lead singer) took us way back, beautifully. The clean cut handsome rebellious look with the catchy song is the perfect fixation for Nerd Herds.

And then my eyes and ears held open dialogue when the ‘STAR WARS theme started. Congrats Harrison Ford, what a subtle way of introducing something extraordinary. With a  full backing of an Orchestra, the great a cappella group Pentatonix blew us all to outer space. My eyes reasoned that it was normal but my ears emphasised the geeky gravity of what was before me. Nothing is ever as precious as the Star Wars theme being created anew for our infinite obsession.

John Williams (creator of the score) is truly a genius. And I just can’t wait for the Star Wars movie. Teleport me one month into the future. Just One!!!


Finally something uniquely memorable from the AMAs.


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