Syrian refugees flee conflict to Turkey...epa04427729 A TurkishMan is a slave of his greed and there is nothing more telling than what he has done to society. Now at the age of the greatest refugee movement in history, we become witnesses to our own corruption. At first it started out rather innocently. A little community, full of farmers and herders, realised that there were other communities filled with other farmers and herders. This sparked the union of traders which in turn gave us the all too real rapacity of man. Where in our efforts to trade, we agreed to degrade a portion of society for our own ends.

The rich are exceedingly rich and the poor exceedingly poor.


Once the formation of society was completed, the result was inevitable. The survival of one country now hinged on the decline of another. Democracy. And, it all together fastened the bolts of our world’s demise. When some countries look around at others, they no longer see farmers and herders who can build a union. They only see buyers and sellers. With some buyers being more distinguished than others and some sellers as merely slaves. Currency. It makes some live above others as a necessity. Hence the world has divided itself into first classes and developing worlds.

Degradation of other countries to improve yours. 


Over time, countries with a greater ability have sought ways to maintain that ability. Because, what does it matter if you are strong; when no one else is weak. If we were all strong, there would be no point to being strong. But if you were strong alone, then your strength is far more valuable. Countries will therefore do anything to maintain that strength. They will offer hands in aid to benefit themselves and slowly turn the buyers and sellers into slaves. They will cripple countries that can find a way to stand alone. They will even destroy the whole world to maintain that strength within them. Because they see themselves as the shiny gold  of an otherwise brass ornament that is the rest of us.

The world is not poor, and yet the people in it are.


But the world is one. And when we destroy the opportunity of individuals, they will seek it elsewhere. If we destroy the strength of countries, they will seek it elsewhere. If we destroy the world, we will seek it elsewhere. People will flood-in on these first-class countries to find a better life for themselves. They will drown in the oceans in hundreds and thousands because they believe in themselves. They believe that they can also achieve something great. They will deal with racism, rebuke, degradation because of that same believe. And as for refugees, the numbers will only keep rising. Some countries have nothing and others everything, why not go where you can flourish. And with the world being destroyed, we will crowd-in together more tightly than we ever wanted. Wars are soon to follow.

 The bricks of old buildings can be broken down. Likewise, the world.


It will be a never ending circle of doom. Because the longer we keep some of us poor, the sooner we will all be poor. If we overcome that single fault. That one error that is man’s. Greed. We can achieve anything. The world is rich. We will be sure to see it.




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