First for Hello and second for Presence!

And while I am thanking a singer for her latest music, I should do the same for all other memorable hits. They always say that we recognize a legend a little too late. Messi, the Barcelona footballer, will be more celebrated after his career than he is now. Adele claims that fact. We listen to her music and love it and cherish it, but we still don’t recognize the legend before us.

The reason for my very late outburst, considering the single came out a long time ago, is that I just watched it. Right now. Today actually! And only because my siblings have been raving on about it, while calling me a backward cave-dweller or…hippie for not knowing it existed. After listening, I went through the normal reaction to great music. I listened to it again. And again. One more time. Again. I gushed and liked it before I realized I wasn’t on my account. So I logged out and logged in as myself so I could rightly praise it some more. I watched it again. I started singing it. Then I started listening to live performances.

This brings me to my second thank-you to the artist. Presence.
Music has began to bore me. Sadly. Because its has become a demonstration of computer skills and nudity. And for me, I have been left far back in the biblical times in terms of trends. I could have been there, when they were stoning that prostitute. I can say that I wouldn’t have been stoning her, but I would have been sitting in the nearby area appreciating the end of a problem. Harsh, True. Jesus found a better way of helping her and saving her altogether. And we must all act as he does. So when I watch live performances of half-naked female singers and half-naked dancers in the crew, I wonder; where are the ‘stoners(nay-Sayers)’. Or Jesus for that matter. Or should we really just accept the trends? Maybe I am a backward hippie. But…

Adele is the only live presence in a pretty dress and female elegance. And for that, I thank her! And think of her as a legend!



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