Movies Galore: My Greatest Hits (Fantasy)

This is an exercise in futility. There is no clear place to start. The past, the present, the movies we watched that no one else did? And in our time, everything on the screen is a carbon copy of something we’ve definitely seen before. Hollywood has run out of ideas! So what do you do if you want to make a list of your favourite movies. Go to rotten tomatoes and check out their reviews…am serious. Then use the top thousand to pick out the ones that were most valuable to you. Add in a few special movies that only you love and the list is perfect.

Because a movie has to do only one thing. Help you celebrate life. The gritty, pretty, strange, scary, loving, imaginative part of life. And these, I believe serve just that purpose. A big celebration of life.

I will start with fantasy. Because there is nothing I love more than fantasy, which makes the list a lot easier to put together. Fantasy is a special art form. It is like looking into a new world and seeing that world go to war. Then experience the extraordinary happy endings.


The lord of the rings

If I lived in middle earth, I would still be the person sitting through eight hours of this movie. It focuses on our most precious thoughts. That anyone, even the most insignificant among us, can achieve something great.

The Lord of the Rings


When you sit down to watch a movie, you don’t always expect to watch one about a talking pig. But there is no other emotionally captivating story than this. It is my absolute favourite story.



Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp and so many other great actors and actresses, brought to life a world we would all want to be part of.



King Kong

It is a story about a unique and tormenting love. One that caused a giant ape to succumb and fall to its death.



Alice in Wonderland

First time I watched it, I thought it was the best thing I ever saw. In some ways, I still do.



How the grinch stole christmas

I am biased to any Jim Carrey movie. I think he is one of the greatest actors around. But the grinch can find a way to stand on its own, almost. It is one of Dr. Suess’ classics.



The Dark Knight

A decade defining movie.   I loved everyone. Even the bad guys.



10,000 BC

A fantasy needs a new world and elements of that world that are hard to mimic. This story does just that.



Big Fish

A movie that changed my whole concept of fantasy. As well as telling a story. I guess I never really understood it but I know this is one of the best there is.




Ah, now this movie was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Imagine a board game that can take you to outer space and inspire a decision that you will remember for a lifetime.



I always love a good dragon story. Dragons are the height of fantasy. They are the largest mythical creatures and this story brings them out a new, personal way.



The Golden Campus

Its a shame this never went through to a sequel. I thought the new world concept was a key factor, not to mention the great characters and the purpose of it all. Its a memorable story.



I have watched this movie more times than is proper. You too will want to. A living star can be imagined. But a love story that takes an awkward youth round the world, trying to send her back into the sky? You have to appreciate the magic of it; and all the iconic characters it created.


Obviously the list doesn’t end here. Fantasy is one of the most celebrated genres in the world and that means over the last couple of years it has exploded with variety. With some lacking in story or memorability and others highlighting decades. These are the other fantasy movies that are absolutely amazing.


The Chocolate Factory

Charlottes Web

The Wizard of OZ

The Chronicles of Narnia

The mask

Harry Porter

The Scorpion King

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

The Clash&Wrath of Titans

Seventh Son

A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen




This is the list of the greatest fantasy movies that I have watched. And I suggest watching them, with an urgency! Tell me what you think!


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