There is a thin line between beauty and vanity in today’s world. A line that once crossed, bounces us far off into either extreme. And its a challenging world that forces us to choose one side. Are you beautiful or are you vain. Anything else is received as a strange apparition that cannot be explained. The rest of us are left between the line while we struggle to fit in. I may never be beautiful or vain, but does that mean there is no place for me within this world.


Who created them? And how can we make it stop? In the past, society was so integrated that the beautiful made up a portion that was neither alarming or overly visible. They were just those blessed with great looks who lived in the fore ground while we were quite comfortable in the background. But today they have been lit up to such a degree that there is no other sight left in the world. ‘Celebrity is and Celebrity does’ indeed.

Because we are not among them, necessarily, it doesn’t stop us from wanting to be one. To have our names in lights and be given numerous awards for being confident and striking a pose. Or to be given the opportunity of being legendary and showcasing our talents on scripts or on screen. We try and discover that there is a requirement. A weight, height, width and personality requirement. And in our efforts to get to that place we forget the comfort we had in the background. We forget that we have other beauties that cannot be matched as well.


I love them. But only because I have to. There is nothing else to love. You won’t find a poster of a Nobelist in my room. NO! The walls are reserved for handsome men with dreamy voices. A large section for bands of half naked men. It’s a fantasy world in and of itself. Full of expensive cars, great homes, night parties and a free life. But for a woman, it’s also a two faced coin. On the flip side there is pretty lingerie, great and astonishing beauty, a list of desperate men and well…money. We see them this way and idolise them.

The only difference is, we don’t have the talent, the body, the expensive writers or the vanity that serves them. We can’t be that pretty unless we are on TV. And we can’t be on TV unless we are part of the crew. And we can’t be part of the crew unless someone gives us a chance. And no one will give us a chance along the way because we are background people without the talent and vanity to boost us. It’s a full circle.


Another large collection of beautiful people who appear to be an ageless and refined form of humanity. In this new world they created, the body scale is much smaller than the others and the height much longer. The beauty is not only for the television and the big screen but for their daily existence. You wonder how they do it. They know they are beautiful too. In fact the idea is for them to be beautiful. And the world has so thrust them before us that it seems the best thing you could ever achieve is being a model. If you could change places with just one living form, it would be a model.

But you can’t really. Unless you have their genes in you. The genes of no desire for food, genes of great length and genes of great skin. The genes of confidence, the genes of drawing irresistible desire from those around you. And the genes of social stamina. It’s hard to imagine what some would do to get those genes. Starve, bleach or even cripple themselves for that body. We forget that there is still so much beauty in us if we were allowed to look at it.


The world is focused on the foreground where the models, musicians and celebrities parade. And we have no choice but to change our minds to reside in that one area. We have to leave the backgrounds and come forward and crowd in our many forms for that single slot. The world is making a picture of pressed in faces who keep forgetting that behind them, the lights are getting brighter. The brighter they get, the little we begin to see. And there are no more chances for those of great promise, creativity and difference to find themselves in the background. There is no more understanding of the many. We know only the one. The beauty that we all hope to be.

I am also on that thin line, with no chance of being beautiful or vain. So I choose to go to the background and appreciate my uniqueness. You see, I can write or at least I hope that I can anyway. I can read and I can become something and be confident about it. If a picture has all of the people smilling at the front, then I will be the figure in the distance staring at the beautiful mountains.


Images (Courtesy of Google Sources)


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