The strangest sight

I was walking home when I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds like this. The sun was behind it and reflecting powerfully on the edges. I knew the moment would pass and pulled out my phone to take these pictures. I was so engrossed, a car almost hit me and I wound up taking some of the most unclear photos ever. But it was trully a sight. And am not saying I have never seen this before, I was just so taken by the beauty. I don’t even know what to call it except for the hand of God.




2 thoughts on “The strangest sight

    1. Thank You so much! It was a rare moment, truthfully and I don’t think I will be chanced with it again. So I sort off also wish the matatus’ (the small busses) weren’t there. But art inspires wherever it inspires and we have no choice but to let it take us there.
      Thank You!


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