The whole world shows positive for the syndrome. We are all captives and captors.

The ordinary man starts his day at five in the morning and feels it is quite an achievement. They spend nothing, no time and no money to get to where they need to be. Everything is ready. Their appearance is set in stone and their spending habits memorized. Then comes the eight to five job that drags on with no regard for his compliance to lose all that matters. The ordinary man ends his days by slowly drifting away from hope, purpose and importance. And, we are all ordinary men. Some of us are even more ordinary, with no set appearance and no clear spending habits and no future to speak of.


There is no more excellence in the things we do. Even the best of us are mundane in every way. The whole existence of man has been reduced to the circumstantial awareness of true living. In this case, if I live then I am alive. If I breath then I am alive. I don’t have to move, to feel, to run, to create, to develop…to become. As long as I have an eight to five job, I don’t have to imagine. We have become robots and worse than robots, we are prisoners of the world’s mindset. We all show positive for the Stockholm syndrome and those most affected are our law men. The police men, the military and those allowed to carry weapons, are the most hit with Stockholm syndrome. Their little pay and enforced negativity makes them blind to the value of life. Our captors are the government, the system of information dissemination, the career world and even our resources and food sources. WE were captured in childhood and have remained so loyal to our keepers that we have forgotten what the outside world feels like. We would die in defense of the systems because we are ordinary men.



This is the only period in history where two parallel problems exist simultaneously. Obesity and starvation. We have lost touch of true imagination or intelligence to deal with both. Stockholm syndrome has the young fighting against obesity in one country and the young starving off starvation in another. Both unaware of the true strength the world has.


This is the only period where destruction and development seem to go hand in hand. Consider Volkswagen’s decision to cheat emissions check that call for cleaner air. They installed a system within half a million cars that would produce clean air during checks then revert back to polluting air just so we can drive faster. Some of us may see it as a great way to go about. But another individual who will be alive in the year 3000, if our world even makes it that far, will see it as the dumbest thing ever.


That is our world today. We reason that as long as we can make a profit, as long as we can improve ourselves, then it doesn’t matter what happens around us. I will watch whole forests burn, whole oceans become uninhabitable and whole cities crumble in violence just because am happy where I am. The worst kind of Stockholm syndrome is the one that is muddled with the lack of escape and the fear of change. We are safer in our prisons with our captives kicking us in the morning and pouring acid in our minds through the day then putting us to sleep over beds of fire.

This is the only period of mankind where the term justice depends on who has the power. And where the term probable future depends on which country you are in and who you are, in that country. We are just ordinary men waking up at eight in the morning. No imagination to invent, create or build. We are just ordinary men who see suffering as normal and exploit it. We are just ordinary men tricked into loving a single set of pointless aspects of mankind. I am even tempted to ask where Kim Kardashian is right now and what is the newest fashion trend. We are just ordinary men who love our entertainers more than we love our peace makers. We are ordinary men who see the young as tools and build a more rotten world around them. We are ordinary men who sit every day feeling satisfied because we are ordinary. And even I am strongly on that list.

Where is the government official who starts to plan ahead and build his nation for the better. Where is the school teacher who molds the minds of the greatest scientists, revolutionaries, mathematicians and inventors. Where is the inventor who finds a way to put the world together and have us all share in a better system. Where is the revolutionary who sees the world as one, with all the cracks and all the pots. Where is the law enforcer who stands by the people and fights only for the good of the whole world. Where is the politician who decides to lose everything so he can save a country. Where is the explorer who joins the world together in the defense of all that is in it.


Its not so hard to be brilliant. Its not so hard to be extraordinary. There are still so many among us who are building companies with the right mind, inventing the right things and sharing with the world. We just have to start imagining. Albert Einstein once said that imagination is better than education. So, ordinary man, the next time you are done with your eight to five job and are seated at home resting, just think of a way to change the world. Or simpler still, just imagining something greater to do and to leave behind even if it is the notion of hope, love and world prosperity.

(All pictures are courtesy of Google sources.)


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