Death At McDonald: Cow Related

Funny tragic, is not funnier than when a cow is involved. Ready for slaughter and in a moment of desperation bolts out, then stampedes through town only to wind up killed at a McDonald. The irony! Why not a bank or a school ground, why not a college or a nearby farm; did it just have to be a McDonald. Or maybe am scratching too little off the surface. Yet, coincidences are little teachers.

While I am trying to have an opinion on everything interesting that happens within a day, it’s hard. It’s harder to find something that you can talk about. This time around I found the perfect thing. It was perfectly funny to the point of cynicism. But when I started to write, nothing came to mind. Maybe the obvious that is too graphic to touch on confidently. In simple words it is the fattening up of the general public for its eventual death…‘there for the slaughter’. See…its mean, harsh even, despite being a clearly defined thought in many of us.

So I don’t want to focus on that, am an opinion writer not a preacher. A good burger a day, keeps the craving away. And please don’t quote me in a negative way; since on the flip side, a good burger a day keeps the craving alive. What I want to say is a story of four people heading out to town. My close friends…not really, they are just people I observed on an eating spree. They were seated in a fancy restaurant, having ice-creams rather slowly than need be. One was a woman, in her mid-thirties. I presume she was the mother, seated there musing with her eye-focus unclear. There was another woman, more chatty or trying to be despite the topic, probably younger. I will have her as the aunt. The next, a little girl, about ten and licking away while the last, almost about to finish was a teenage boy. As teenage goes, he could be anywhere between 12 and 16 and bare the same thoughts.

All around them were little packages and based off the smell, contained other types of food. Each was holding on to a different type which really got me thinking. Why did they bring outside food to hold inside the restaurant? Why not just eat it wherever they bought it? The only thing I could decide is, they must be waiting for someone and it forced them to seat here. Why the ice-creams? It could be the perfect time waster. But I could make out bottles of soda in their packets as well as packed ice-cream. It was a miracle the restaurant didn’t react to all that food.

To ease my mind, I had to give them a scenario. The best one, that made me happy, is a food competition. A conversation along these lines:

Person A: Let’s just buy fast foods and go home.

Person B: No, let’s just go home, there’s plenty we can cook.

Person C: And waste a perfectly good day, let’s buy some burgers.

Person D: No let’s sit out and eat, it will be nice.

Don’t mind my distant display of an emotional conversation because with this schematic they probably couldn’t decide and wound up buying the whole town. Then placing each person with their conversation was the hard part, I mean would the mother really want to go home and cook?

Looking around at everyone else who came by, I developed a theory about what we decide to eat. There is a home cook person, a fancy foods person, a common foods person and a great seating person. You know the salad guy, the pizza guy, the chicken guy and the ‘we-must-eat-out’ guy. I looked down at my pizza and cringed. But Oh Well, at least it’s not the obvious fast-food of chicken and chips.

To put it back in context; I wonder what would kill me. Would I have made it further than a McDonald? Would I die because of my diet or my dreams or my philosophies or my daily existence? Maybe that’s what I wanted to write all along. As for me, I would like to die at my dreams. I like to be so taken with what I aspire to be that there is nothing else around for me. Not the food, or the money or the lifestyle. Just I and my dreams!

So instead of the McDonald, death will have to chase me all the way to where I dream!


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