Trouble-ling Politics

The political mind-field is simply boiling itself down to destruction. It pains me every time I turn on the television and see an MP dancing away in parliament; Instead of buckling down and finding opportunity. As a Kenyan, it makes me deeply embarrassed to have been born here. In a country, that had so much potential but is now slowly disappearing into other people’s pockets. There are three kinds of politicians;

  1. The self-taught. This is anyone enters into the political world to achieve something. Their inspiration is the goal and this can vary from people to person.
  2. The industrial. Self-seeking, reaching for the highest position both in the business world and the political world. Their inspiration is what they can acquire.
  3. The initiated. They belong in the political world because of numerous circumstances such as birth or guiding. Their one inspiration is doing only what they can while seeing the field as theirs and theirs alone.

Among these three, there is not one who maintains his mind for the people. Politics turns the bold into followers who would only do what they can; even if it is absolutely nothing. Politics turns the ingenious into sadists who acquire all they can only to wind up saying; ‘the world would be better off with just the few of them.’ Politics turns the honorable into catalyst whose goals keeps changing while people all around them keep dying.

There is not much to say on the matter. We should all really open our eyes and see just how desperate politics has made us all. Our world is going to die because two different people want the same power. Imagine a flag pole with space enough at the top for only one foot. But, fifty people are up there jostling for that position. It’s pointless. Instead it should be about the ground beneath where everyone can stand, together. Is should be about the people.

That is why I believe that the Monarch is the best form of leadership. With the right ruler, the people will always be taken care of. The world will slowly demolish its monetary systems and surprisingly, we will find a way to fit properly in this tiny world together. A bad ruler is a different matter… but only a Monarch should rule. From the beginning, we were never meant to be divided. For true peace to prevail we were always meant to be together. I understand however that such can only be achieved in the year 3025. But we won’t see that year and worse still, the earth won’t see it either.

A brave one among us needs to rise up and help this millennium live peacefully.


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