“It is my desire that you all listen to me.

King of my kingdom, Army of my kingdom, People of my kingdom.

We live in a bubble. A large invisible wall is between us and the outside world. For centuries it has been said that this bubble protects us. It keeps us hidden from the world outside. A world so large we couldn’t possibly survive in it. A world of monsters and parasites that have for long always hunted us. Yet to me, that is a lie. The real truth is, we don’t know! Maybe there is something out there, or maybe there isn’t. But for those centuries we have stayed hidden in our world. Kept here by the rules of our forefathers. Nearly three thousand years have passed and we have not crossed that mountain, or that river or gone beyond that shore.

I choose not to live that way. With your permission my King and with the permission of all people. I want to cross it and go to the other side. I want to see what is out there. If there are monsters indeed, then I want to see them as well. If there are parasites, I want to learn to fight them. I long to know how wide this land stretches or if we are the only ones. Are there other people who talk living in bubbles like us? Your majesty, I have made up my mind that before this day ends. I will be two miles beyond that wall.”

Hulmti finished and stared out at the congregation of thousands. They looked shocked to hear this from him of all people. The one who can do nothing right wants to do the one forbidden thing. When the shock passed, they started to laugh. The children first then to all the elders with their long tall hats. The king moved forward in his large seat and whispered to the man standing at his side. That man rushed to Hulmti and said, ‘The king admires your courage, but no one crosses the wall. So if you would please, let us continue our meeting.’ Hulmti stared hard at the man, his black eyes changing to white and shouted out for everyone to hear, “I meant it, with or without your permission. I will be two miles beyond that wall.”  The laughter resumed again while the teenager with the little round hat limped his way from the front and on out of the halls. They didn’t know it then. Even Hulmti didn’t. That he was about to cause a great change in the whole world.


(A little taste of an upcoming story.)



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