My visit to the rare Antelopes

Family vacations are supposed to be fun but once in a while they become really boring. When you are seated in a car for hours and hours with dead phones and nothing to look at or talk about. Drives me crazy. But its not too bad if you fall asleep and then are awoken by your very excited siblings screaming in your ear about something they’ve seen.

I didn’t expect it. More so, since we had been going round and round the National park with nothing in sight. But then the herds started to show up. At first it was one, then two, then five. Then the giraffes started to appear in teams and then the little gazelles. I couldn’t keep my camera straight and kept clicking at so many things. The best sight was when this bull was right on our road. It looked right at us and stood there. We slowed down and came out, something dangerous to do in a park, to see this rare antelope a little closely. A bellow from the distance sent us all rushing to our cars but we were so excited we couldn’t hide it.

It had taken us a whole day to see this one antelope and I have to say it was worth it. I just wish there weren’t so many animals endangered.

GiraffeRare AntelopeRare Anteloppe

Giraffe in a mountain outline



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