The radiance of light hungers over the world.
It is, as the rainbow that glimmers in confusion.
An illusion that is unseen and sold.
How bold it sits in this mechanic union,
Of colours so stagnant they flicker but a tad.

In my eyes I see them as they mock me.
Reimbursing all my sorrows for a moment of bliss.
Its is a lie that dies over the seas.
A lover that claims and claimed I am his, only his.
Yet this light dies out from within me.

Dead but for the moment a watery drop.
Stirs, the light to shine in me a source.
Guiding me to the truth by the rivers loop.
I am shown in me at last a Royal chorus.
Alight as my only belief becomes the flower purple.

The reason why i wrote this haphazard poem is when i realized just how wonderful life is. God gives us second chances in everything. sometimes we don’t believe it when we are shown the mountains but we do when we see the hills. Same for me, the rainbow is more brilliant and should cause people to hope for something new but i look at it and see only a rainbow. But the flower that is purple and so beautiful, that caught me though it was small.



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