The Poet

It breaks my heart to write these lines, To inspire with words that barely rhyme. To create a space, a part of the world, That is slipping out of time. Yet it’s all mine! A hope, a touch, a heart.


To have a heart as wide a space. Ready to take it all with haste. To hold to things long known, Deciding, old was never wrong. To accept a friend’s reply. Who could imagine one to lie. To do what’s clearly told. So that, in life, you might be bold. To think with your eyes….

A Stranger’s Lover

I am not bold. Nor am I loud. You could blink, and I’d be gone. Though be careful, you’ll miss out. Silence doesn’t make me mute. Mute doesn’t dull the mind. Every life is all its own. Learn the space, and you’ll learn the soul.

Good deed this…Living

The trick with life as with any good deed, is Not letting the bend determine the direction. Not letting the direction enslave you to a singular destination. Not letting any destination spark up your doubt. And lastly, not letting doubt determine your right to live. Go in as you would with any good deed. Believing…

Social Anxiety

I woke up alone. I stared at the sun between the clouds. I forgot to eat or ate too much. I can hear them talking outside the room. I need quiet. I hate quiet. I am scared to go buy more food. I hear them talking about me. I hear them always talking. They see…

My devil

The truth is… I believed a lie. But I loved that lie so much, I couldn’t bare the truth. It sat in my heart like a heavy pebble, That turned me full to stone. And as I roll beyond reach, I still call out to the deep, ‘Find me the Truth!’


The lines of happiness are surprisingly tight. One day it spreads, one day it thins. No day is free of it. The tight strings of life. To live I fear Happy’s embrace.

It’s Been Too Long

The road has taken us too far, and we’ve fallen along the way, To scared to reach, To frightened to feel. Oh, this Life. It’s overtaken me. This life, this life, This world, this world. It’s dragged me down, This hell, this hell, This hope, this hope. I have no seat up with the jury,…


I hold you up like a star, But now you fall. You rumble to the earth, The sky cracks and tears, The waters burst, The sun sizzles to nothingness, No more shapes of twilight. You have fallen, And left me naked in the darkness.

Day Two of my AMAZING tour of China : The Forbidden Palace

The Forbidden Palace is a marvel to architecture, culture and space. The place is so large you almost can’t believe it. I took roughly six hours walking through the blessed grounds and this is what I found. I hope you enjoy it, because this was one of my most favourite days. Day three will see…