Ideal Life Quote

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” Mark Twain.

Withered Beauty

Withered Beauty An older age Silk tearing Immortal end And ever, Withered beauty. SaveSave

The Ballad Of Cleopatra; REVIEW

Just when I gave up on music I came across this master piece. There is nothing as dedicated and pure as sound meant to give understanding. Not emotion, laughter or dance but understanding. And I must say, THE LUMINEERS understand music. Goodness how wonderful it sounds. I think I just found my new favourite group….

The Travellers, My First Book!

My main passion in life is being a writer. Maybe that is clear but I have yet to truly dedicate myself to this passion. And I am yet to believe in myself. The only one book I have finished so far is a story called The Travellers. It boosts something that I truly enjoy, a…

Pride Quote

A god said “Yes. I am to alive to feel.”  


I like this word. Perspective. Maybe its because of Ratatouille, that part when the critic asks for a nice warm plate of perspective. To be a photographer you need a lot of that. Not always a perfect angle or great model or even a perfect opportunity but, perspective. That is when you take pictures that…

New Start

I started blogging just for fun and then it became a great place to store my ideas. And I never got popular enough to take it too seriously. It was just a way for me to do what I enjoy. But there has to be more to it. Right? Stories, photography, poetry and all the…

To Be Kind

How can one, With the mood of salt Be the one, To keep a steady thought How can I Be bold as ice. When different times, I freeze my eyes. My tears in winter, The ridge between us. And yet I am, The wisest height. How can I, Whose lost with fright, Be the one,…

The 11th One

It was a cold night when I finally crawled into my tent. My master had sent me out with the least provisions. He wanted to pass across a message of peace in this delicate time of disobedience. For me, it meant barely enough room for my feet which remained out on the cold grass. And…

Wide Eyed

There are days when nothing moves me. Do I remain seen? Or am I simply forgotten in the moment, Of someone else’s revelry.

Yuyen Garden

I had to go twice! That is how startled I was when I first saw the Yuyen Garden. There were fish and statues and arched passageways, ancient tiles and dramatic trees. One viewing was never going to be enough. It was some two hundred yen to go in. After walking through tables after tables of strange…